Component Design.

iOS Mobile App.

This steering wheel concept was to design as a universal steering wheel that would reduce the amount of components in a cars interior.  This would allow for more new and creative IP designs and reduce production costs.

No More.


As cars move towards being electric fewer details need to be displayed to the user. For example there is no need for a tachometer or oil pressure.  This enables us to create a mush simpler and legible display.

Steering Column Stalks.

Move headlights and blinkers to the steering wheel but still use physical buttons so to still feel familiar to users. Windscreen wipers can be automated. 

Gear selector.

Removing the gear selector from the centre console will allow for free space between the front seats.  This could be for more storage or help to create a more open airy feeling in the cabin. 

Steering Column Stalk Functions.

Headlights and Indicator functions retain physical buttons.  Window wiper are automated but still keep a button for single wipe and squirt function. 

Control Center.

The control centre replaces the Gear selector and also houses the engine start/stop and phone feature.


Turn on and turn off vehicle.

Gear Selector.

Select a gear Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive. 

Answer Calls.

Answer phone calls while driving.


Displays details needed for the user to drive car, Speed, Battery, Range, Gear.  Other menus are also displayed, apple car play, GPS.