From 2009-17 I worked as a creative interior designer for Australia's largest automotive companies. 

Ford Motor Co / General Motors.

Final Car Sketch 21.jpg


Creative Designer (7 years)

Being a Creative Designer within the automotive industry, I was responsible for designing, managing and presenting projects from start to finish. I worked on both concept and production vehicles, interpreting data and research collected from clinics to help me sketch potential solutions for a design brief. Then through leading teams of clay + computer modellers and engineers, we would work together to create a product with the most value to the end user. Below are some of the projects that I worked on.

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GM EN-V electric networked car concept

General Motors EN-V (Electric Networked-Vehicle) is a 2-seat urban electric concept car jointly developed by Segway Inc. and General Motors that can be driven normally or operated autonomously.

Main Hero GM env Sketch 7.jpg

Production Design

Ranger Raptor Interior​

Ford Motor Co (Production)

Designing new components such as seats gear-shifter to transform the standard Ford Ranger interior into the Ranger Raptor.

Main Hero Seats Sketch 5.jpg

Ford Ka+ Active

Ford Motor Co (Production)

Designing and integrated new components such as a 6.5-inch colour touchscreen to elevate the Ford Ka range.

Notable Projects

GM, EN-V (Concept)

GM, Chevrolet Malibu China (Production)

Ford Motor Co, Ranger Raptor Interior (Production)